What Is Your Truest Treasure?

Resting comfortably within my blessed home surrounded by beautiful decor, I watch 6 minutes of horrendous Tsunami waters destroy and move literally tons of possessions and structures, transforming all sense of belonging(s) to a whispered memory…  My heart remains astonished, in anguish, in awe.  There are no words. So I will borrow Osho’s.  In honor of our Japanese brothers and sisters who have lost much from this Tsunami:

The Buddha is your intrinsic nature.  It need not be created.
It has not to develop either, it is already there, it is already the case.
It has only to be unfolded, it has to be [re-]discovered.

The treasure is there; you have to find the key to unlock the door.

The treasure is not to be created, the treasure is not to be developed;
you have only to find the right key.  You have forgotten about the key,
the key is within you.

– Osho from “Be Still And Know”

May you be clear on your truest treasure or essence within. May you share that awareness with each other at this tragic time.  And may know you are held up in light and love by many across this world…

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