Organic Immersion


Woven into the mindlessness
of Being a Human,
the essential warmth
of Self emerges.
Resourcing evaporates.
Mists of Source,
of the cresting moment,
of the organic lightness
of Being

An organic song arises
lifting the load
of duality and scurrying
from the Senses.
The moment is claimed
as the purest expression
of Life.
At one-ce, in Isness.

What would it Be like
to immerse one’s Self
into the still presence?
If we were to decide to ex-is-t
in the alive present moment
giving to ourselves
the gift of breath awareness?

Spontaneous openings
to clearer freedom.
Deeper impulse expression
to go “off-plan”.
To enjoy — bring more joy into —
the days, hours, moments.

Exploring Mother Earth
maintains visceral vibrancy
for the tempestuous Journey,
allowing and invoking
a deep gratitude
for collective Life-Moments.

This particular Song that is You
carries unique tones within
that seek organic vibration
expressed without.
Out here.
Yet, do we dare
honor immersion
into the inner Gap
for what could be?

Between regret and anticipation,
Recrimination or striving,
Learning or leaning,
The womb of awareness,
The cocoon of calm,
The bath of being
Rejuvenates Power,
Exquisite Essence,
tickling and loosening the ties
that strangle
our truest expression.
A beautiful way into this G.a.P.
— this Gift and Presence —
is with a tool as organic
as Light…
Our divine life force…
our Breath.

What are YOUR experiences with organic immersion..?

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