Sacred Movement

Honored and excited to share this Sacred Movement class again, especially in such a beautiful and sublime space amidst exquisite souls who are expressing their deepest Essence for themSelves.

SACRED MOVEMENT is a practice of balance, awareness and self-honoring based on ancient and beautiful techniques found within the 5,000 year-old healing system of medicine known as Ayurveda, along with powerful practices from global traditions that incorporate
and free your own inner muse and restorative senses.

Each SACRED MOVEMENT class gives you a unique experience as you step into the current…current moments that:

·      Re-awaken and balance your essence and vibrations.
·      Rejuvenate you at the deepest cellular and sacred levels.
·      Release emotional turbulence through sensing & dance.
·      Re-wire access to your innate power.
·      Reclaim your mystic dancer!

It is deeply inspiring – and fun — to support the releasing of stress, the vitality of vibrancy, and renewing of the journey for each and every One in the space.

Join us and enJoy yourSelf!  Sunday mornings from 10 – 11:15am, PST
Seaside Yoga Sanctuary, Seaside, CA

Namaste Om

Flowing Vibrancy


Surrounded by cypress limbs of deeply rooted wisdom, senses elevate, dancing with the chilly breeze and unending sky.  They ground as distance vanishes between me and the gray-white boulders stalwart amidst shimmering blue and aqua salted waves.  Watery rhythms that caress, crash, and circulate the rocky sculptures…endlessly…with love.

Each bend of the Pacific reveals a shining lip of white, inviting me with unrelenting confidence to become this force…this vigorous and infinite flow of pure potentiality…pure vibrancy…pure Life.

Feeling the Sun’s fire on my skin, I am warmed by a transformative satisfaction that strength, metabolization, and creation imbues Within.

And there surfaces gratitude for the natural vibrancy I have chosen…for the All that Is.

Organic Immersion


Woven into the mindlessness
of Being a Human,
the essential warmth
of Self emerges.
Resourcing evaporates.
Mists of Source,
of the cresting moment,
of the organic lightness
of Being

An organic song arises
lifting the load
of duality and scurrying
from the Senses.
The moment is claimed
as the purest expression
of Life.
At one-ce, in Isness.

What would it Be like
to immerse one’s Self
into the still presence?
If we were to decide to ex-is-t
in the alive present moment
giving to ourselves
the gift of breath awareness?

Spontaneous openings
to clearer freedom.
Deeper impulse expression
to go “off-plan”.
To enjoy — bring more joy into —
the days, hours, moments.

Exploring Mother Earth
maintains visceral vibrancy
for the tempestuous Journey,
allowing and invoking
a deep gratitude
for collective Life-Moments.

This particular Song that is You
carries unique tones within
that seek organic vibration
expressed without.
Out here.
Yet, do we dare
honor immersion
into the inner Gap
for what could be?

Between regret and anticipation,
Recrimination or striving,
Learning or leaning,
The womb of awareness,
The cocoon of calm,
The bath of being
Rejuvenates Power,
Exquisite Essence,
tickling and loosening the ties
that strangle
our truest expression.
A beautiful way into this G.a.P.
— this Gift and Presence —
is with a tool as organic
as Light…
Our divine life force…
our Breath.

What are YOUR experiences with organic immersion..?

September’s Song


September’s Song
Along this Pacific California coast,
beauty seizes the piqued eye,
striking sweetly the heart,
inviting a deeper essence.

Tat Tvam Asi…I am that.
A recognition of earth’s rhythms
internal yet ringing full
in Autumnal shift…

Refreshing the force
of this eternal gift
sharing its flow
in this now.

June Blooming Full Moon

A simply gorgeous day here on the Monterey Coast with so much in bloom!  Amazingly, I find myself this Full Moon having just moved approximately 30 minutes from one of THE strawberry capitals of the States – the Salinas Valley in Central California.  Though unable to photograph them in their glory, I was shown their harvesting fields on a quick driving tour last weekend.  What a juicy time this season initiates!

When you are inspired, take a moment to visualize a full, ripe strawberry, noticing its resemblance to the human heart… Then allow yourself to explore the ways this full ripened berry and the warm open heart both gives us pleasure: the juicy flow of nectar speaking love with each bite, the bright red (earth) stabilizing and supporting our health, the centering white (light) providing a contrasting balance and texture to the sweet velvety strawberry flesh.

At this near Solstice time, with the longest day coming soon, you are invited to replenish your soul with the bounties Father Sun has nurtured with vibrant warmth and light. Enjoy your favorite bloom — be it vegetable or violet, lavender or lettuce, fruit or foxtail — reveling in the gifts of even the most fragile yet resilient garden… Perhaps see it completely anew…under this June Blooming / Strawberry Full Moon!
You are also invited to attend in spirit / body our monthly Full Moon Gratitude and Fire Ceremony in Los Gatos, CA this Thursday, June 16th.

Peace and may you flow with the flowers’ wind…

May’s Full Flower Moon

As the rains are cleansing and transforming our sacred Moon ceremony space this month, I still must share what is on my heart about this magical day:

 ~  This Full Flower Moon asks us to “stop and smell the roses”, to be in gratitude for the newness of Life, and to notice the blossoming of what is bursting forth from the seeds of our own intentions and essence.  This powerful moon calls for balancing the masculine (lancing old wounds to create…) and the feminine (…harmony, reawakening our intuition), having a foot in both of those worlds, to examine our environments and past emotions surrounding them, for releasing into magnificent endings and embracing new beginnings!  Mmmm, sounds yummy…

      *  EXAMPLE:  As we are relentlessly supported by our Mother offering to us our highest good, this month’s postponement could be viewed by “yours truly” for instance, as a gift of FULL focus on a physical move — scheduled for tomorrow!?! — to the coast for clarity and transformation.  A truly MAGICAL ending to an existence and location for me that is no longer of mighty use.  Again, fully supported and exquisitely timed by Essence / Source.  Wow.

  ~  More endings and beginnings feel eminent here on this beautiful Earth.  Celebrate, dear Ones, this time of Allowing… Allowing more Love to flow.  Allowing our senses to be honored through Nature’s unadorned, exquisite gifts.  Allowing the Light to shine between the cracks of our imperfections.   As the flowers allow the water to rinse away the dust and moisten the earth for growth, I invite us to allow that which is no longer brilliantly useful to and powerfully present for our Life’s growth to gently flow / walk / run away…. Yes, if there is running involved, it is a NEEDED release.

      *  EXAMPLE:  However someone may “leave” our life, at their core they may be feeling compelled at various levels (whether aware or not) to change direction and focus on their newest “higher good” plan for all involved on their current journey.  I invite us each to trust this (left brain / masculine) and see the brilliance in (right brain / feminine) their choice.  For THE highest good…

Enough for now as I must resume the releasing project the Universe beautifully set in motion for me!  When I get settled, there will be more shared here about journeying in this unbounded, evolutionary time on our sweet Earth.

Blessings, love, hugs, light and sweet flower awareness to each of you on this powerful day and we will gather next month!  Excited!  🙂

Namaste, L’aura / Lala

What Is Your Truest Treasure?

Resting comfortably within my blessed home surrounded by beautiful decor, I watch 6 minutes of horrendous Tsunami waters destroy and move literally tons of possessions and structures, transforming all sense of belonging(s) to a whispered memory…  My heart remains astonished, in anguish, in awe.  There are no words. So I will borrow Osho’s.  In honor of our Japanese brothers and sisters who have lost much from this Tsunami:

The Buddha is your intrinsic nature.  It need not be created.
It has not to develop either, it is already there, it is already the case.
It has only to be unfolded, it has to be [re-]discovered.

The treasure is there; you have to find the key to unlock the door.

The treasure is not to be created, the treasure is not to be developed;
you have only to find the right key.  You have forgotten about the key,
the key is within you.

– Osho from “Be Still And Know”

May you be clear on your truest treasure or essence within. May you share that awareness with each other at this tragic time.  And may know you are held up in light and love by many across this world…