June Blooming Full Moon

A simply gorgeous day here on the Monterey Coast with so much in bloom!  Amazingly, I find myself this Full Moon having just moved approximately 30 minutes from one of THE strawberry capitals of the States – the Salinas Valley in Central California.  Though unable to photograph them in their glory, I was shown their harvesting fields on a quick driving tour last weekend.  What a juicy time this season initiates!

When you are inspired, take a moment to visualize a full, ripe strawberry, noticing its resemblance to the human heart… Then allow yourself to explore the ways this full ripened berry and the warm open heart both gives us pleasure: the juicy flow of nectar speaking love with each bite, the bright red (earth) stabilizing and supporting our health, the centering white (light) providing a contrasting balance and texture to the sweet velvety strawberry flesh.

At this near Solstice time, with the longest day coming soon, you are invited to replenish your soul with the bounties Father Sun has nurtured with vibrant warmth and light. Enjoy your favorite bloom — be it vegetable or violet, lavender or lettuce, fruit or foxtail — reveling in the gifts of even the most fragile yet resilient garden… Perhaps see it completely anew…under this June Blooming / Strawberry Full Moon!
You are also invited to attend in spirit / body our monthly Full Moon Gratitude and Fire Ceremony in Los Gatos, CA this Thursday, June 16th.

Peace and may you flow with the flowers’ wind…

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