Flowing Vibrancy


Surrounded by cypress limbs of deeply rooted wisdom, senses elevate, dancing with the chilly breeze and unending sky. ¬†They ground as distance vanishes between me and the gray-white boulders stalwart amidst shimmering blue and aqua salted waves.¬† Watery rhythms that caress, crash, and circulate the rocky sculptures…endlessly…with love.

Each bend of the Pacific reveals a shining lip of white, inviting me with unrelenting confidence to become this force…this vigorous and infinite flow of pure potentiality…pure vibrancy…pure Life.

Feeling the Sun’s fire on my skin, I am warmed by a transformative satisfaction that strength, metabolization, and creation imbues Within.

And there surfaces gratitude for the natural vibrancy I have chosen…for the All that Is.

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